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cosmetic dentistry faq

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ


What is a cosmetic dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is not a specialty recognized by the American Dental Association, so any general dentist can claim to be a cosmetic dentist. To choose a good cosmetic dentist, review the doctor’s before-and-after photos of actual cases, ask about his or her postgraduate education in cosmetic dentistry, and make sure that you feel confident and comfortable in the office.

Will my insurance cover cosmetic dental care?

Insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses for cosmetic treatment vary. Our practice will work with you to provide several different treatment options, and we will coordinate with your insurance provider, if coverage is available. You will know all of your treatment costs up-front so that you can choose the best payment plan for your needs and your budget.

What is the usual process of a smile makeover?

When a patient entertains the idea of receiving a smile enhancement, we begin by fabricating stone study models of your teeth. When we design a new smile for you we take into account your complexion, hair color, eye color, lip profile, age, gender, and personality. We ask that you also look through images of different smile/tooth shapes.  We commonly do a cosmetic wax-up or mock-up of the new set of teeth.  The wax-up will enable you to see and try out what your teeth would look like if you elected to have the procedure done.  At Summer Smiles we change lives, one smile at a time.

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

Patients who experience the most benefit from having their teeth whitened:

  • Are in good dental health
  • Maintain good dental health (i.e. brush three times a day, floss, receive regular dental checkups every six months, etc.)
  • May suffer from slightly discolored, or yellow, teeth
  • Wish to improve the look of their smile for aesthetic purposes
  • Are in good physical health

Are there any side effects with teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a safe, effective procedure, and does not typically include any negative side effects. Minor side effects may consist of:

  • Increased tooth sensitivity to hot or cold following whitening
  • White spots on the surface of the teeth usually derived from tooth dehydration
  • Nighttime whitening trays may cause additional gum sensitivity or irritation

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