This 2 year Healthy Start progress shows how the habit corrector alone has helped expand this child's upper arch and helped create an ideal bite by helping the upper jaw growth catch up with the lower jaw. Now, the child's top teeth go over the bottom teeth, versus the before picture where he had a severe underbite. He also now has sufficient spacing to allow for proper growth of his adult teeth.
A quick 5 month Invisalign treatment and post invisalign whitening for a patient who was unhappy with the crowding of her lower arch. As you can see, a lot can happen in 5 months!
3 year Healthy Start progress for an 8 year old who started with an underbite, used the Max A appliance, graduated to a habit corrector and then the G appliance. Now, this 11 year old is on her way to ideal occlusion and sufficient spacing for more of her adult teeth to grow in. No more underbite, and someone has been brushing better too!
3 year Healthy Start progress for a patient with a severe overbite and crowding. After using the habit corrector and G appliance, this patient now has a more ideal bite. The expansion of the arches has resulted in sufficient spacing and a more open airway which has eliminated night time teeth grinding as well.