Our Team

Circus Ring Leader/Practice Manager

An idealist and dreamer. Can be occasionally bribed with food. A master Tetris player with small instances of “squirrel” moments [reference “UP” movie]. Florence seeks to bring world peace and happiness to all. And piggies. Piggies everywhere.

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The Spartan Warrior/Insurance Coordinator

A proud defender of the people, by the people, and for the people, Warrior Celeste proudly defends and fights dark forces and insurance companies. An animal lover, with 3 fur babies. Married to Chewbacca. Celeste seeks to bring order and puppies for all.

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The White-Out Thief/Schedule-Front Office Coordinator

A recovering shoe addict. Thief to all white-out tapes. Motto for life is Wifi, food, my bed, and Perfection [thanks to white-outs]. Mom to two ninja warriors in training. Don’t be alarmed, Yamilet sometimes cannot help it and lets out this high pitch hyena laugh. Glass is never half full or half empty, you just gotta have Yamilet fill it back up.

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The Assailant/Treatment Coordinator

A straight shooter from the south [okay, maybe Austin is not that far south], Chris is our no nonsense, the "No one falls off this train. No one." A Momsicle with years and years at the hockey rink, the always cheering, you can do it mom, has the patience like no other. In Chris’s world, there's no wrong way to enjoy a glass of wine, but there is always a smarter way to indulge.

Toothbug Buster/Hygienist

Heather is our blue eyed Goddess. Her initial persona is that of a surfer boy, “hey friend, what’s up, that’s cool...” until you get to know her, and find out that she is actually a princess. Princess Heather, wants it all now and expects it delivered with a cherry on top. Slight OCD tendencies… so we all stay out of her drawers [she knows when it’s been touched]. You can find her little Spidey sidekick ready to unleash during your visit.

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Toothbug Buster/Hygienist

Our legit straight from the streets of LA hood rat, watch out for Iqrah's henna tattoos and rapping skillz. You don’t want to be messing with this one, she’ll come right after your toothbugs. Iqrah’s moto is a perfect eyeliner makes a perfect day.

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Ms. Toothfairy/Hygienist

The magical world of sunshine and butterflies comes to life with Kari. The sound of birds singing, smell of sweet honey emerges as you settle into your cocoon. The only complaint ever filed against Kari was from an ex-military commander stating that he needed an insulin shot after his appointment because she is just too sweet.

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Toothbug Buster/Hygienist

Wikipedia nerd of the house. Megan can bust out statistics, research studies , and work out your future life path. Because when comes to Megan, "if you don’t know, now you know." Prior competitive swimmer, the woman can break your back in half. Kidding, let just say that precision, focus, and determination is not a compromise.

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Taylor Swift Impersonator/Dental Assistant

After hours aquarium maintenance queen. Alexis is friend [maybe foe to a couple incidentals] to all most some a few animals/pets. Snapchats herself driving to work singing to Taylor Swift’s latest hits. You may find our little Tay Tay daydreaming dancing along the stars and then trips landing on her face.

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The Straightener/Dental Assistant

Our own Invisalign champion, Amber will keep you on track. She is exquisitely cruel, but perfectly honest. Amber wants you to succeed and will kick your @ss to get you there. A coffee addict and our sleeping beauty [Do not Disturbed after 8:30pm, otherwise, @RealAmbertheAngryMonster comes out]. In her spare time, she plays a stunt double for JLo’s bottoms [her feet, her feet people].

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The Warden/Clinical Coordinator

Angela keeps our schedule and systems in order. Her meticulous attention to detail and Picasso skills never seem to fail to deliver the most pristine crowns. She is Dr. Hsia's right hand, and if you were to ask her she’ll tell you that she is also his left hand. Angie is a competitive soccer player and knows how to tackle people and make them eat snow [happened to the writer of her bio]… so don’t mess with her.

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Starry Eyed Angel/The Intern

Dr. Hsia's Pokemon companion sidekick, a BTS Boy Band groupie, Emily is our Summer Smiles future dentist in the training. Unknowingly to Emily, she became the art director and graphic designer of Summer Smiles with her mad Photoshop and artistry talents. Adored by everyone in the office, especially with her starry eyed “yes man” look on every single request.

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