Our Team

Circus Ring Leader/Practice Manager

An idealist and dreamer. Can be occasionally bribed with food. A master Tetris player with small instances of “squirrel” moments [reference “UP” movie]. Florence seeks to bring world peace and happiness to all. And piggies. Piggies everywhere.

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Toothbug Buster/Hygienist

How do you make fun of Barbie. Ugh! Our Barbie has beauty, brains, humor, and a good heart.  How is this even fair! We are waiting to see what's between her toe, maybe we'll find fungus and it will help balance the world. Boys - keep out, Mrs. Barbie here is married to Mr. Green Beret / Title XX State Wrestling Champion. Mom to Ms. Biting pants Si (a biting felon at daycare), and the most adorable Yorkies. You have been warned, Autumn's got the charm to melt you.

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Toothbug Buster/Hygienist

Heather is our blue eyed Goddess. Her initial persona is that of a surfer boy, “hey friend, what’s up, that’s cool...” until you get to know her, and find out that she is actually a princess. Princess Heather, wants it all now and expects it delivered with a cherry on top. Slight OCD tendencies… so we all stay out of her drawers [she knows when it’s been touched]. You can find her little Spidey sidekick ready to unleash during your visit.

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Toothbug Buster / Hygienist / Operations DJ

Our legit straight from the streets of LA hood rat, watch out for Iqrah's henna tattoos and rapping skillz. You don’t want to be messing with this one, she’ll come right after your toothbugs. Iqrah’s moto is a perfect eyeliner makes a perfect day.

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Happiness Advocate / Treatment Coordinator

Ashley is always ready for battle with her combat boots, but our little mermaid never shows stress in the battlefield… Like literally the place can be on fire, and she will smile at you and say “it’s okay, it’s Tuesday.” With her random conspiracy theories, you wonder what goes on in her head. Mother to 3 adorable creatures and married to Mr. Chef the Grizzly bear. Our days are never dull with Ashley.

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Toothbug Buster/Hygienist

Wikipedia nerd of the house. Megan can bust out statistics, research studies , and work out your future life path. Because when comes to Megan, "if you don’t know, now you know." Prior competitive swimmer, the woman can break your back in half. Kidding, let just say that precision, focus, and determination is not a compromise.

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The Warden/Clinical Coordinator

Angela keeps our schedule and systems in order. Her meticulous attention to detail and Picasso skills never seem to fail to deliver the most pristine crowns. She is Dr. Hsia's right hand, and if you were to ask her she’ll tell you that she is also his left hand. Angie is a competitive soccer player and knows how to tackle people and make them eat snow [happened to the writer of her bio]… so don’t mess with her.

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Romance Novel Cover Model/Dental Assistant

Imagine having Jeremiah, with his rico suave curly hair and broad shoulders whisk you away while having your dental treatment worked on. Okay, depending on your preference, you might need to specify who assists Dr. Hsia. Our second man in the office, Jeremiah is our equalizer to the hormones. So I have been told, he cooks, cleans, plays guitar, base, and saxophone… Ladies, sorry, but the guy has been claimed since toddler. Married to his high school sweetheart (whom he's known since kinder), and daddy to two rascals who somehow were able to remain clean while Dr. Hsia’s kids were covered in mud when they played together, this dude is able to keep order, balance, and charm.

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Karen L
Office Fairy Godmother / Insurance Hacker and Accounts Coordinator

Karen is our very own office fairy Godmother, with her not-so-secret snack drawer. Injured/pulled muscle/sore throat/bug bites? No worries, look for Karen and she will have the fix for you. Snowball’s go to for belly rubs and loving. We may have been a little bit spoiled. Momma to 4 tomboys (yes 4 girls) all in club and school sports – some days you are not even sure how she manages that household (and maybe our office). Can you say Superwomen? We love you Karen!

Karen C
K2/Dental Assistant

So, they got it all wrong about Karens. I mean, to proof the point, we got ourselves, K1 and K2, and guess what? They are kind of awesome. Case in point K2 can drink her own body weight, be fully functional, and do handstands (100% outside of work hours). Mother to Boo (Monster Inc little girl) and 2 pups who are kind of thugs-like (I can’t help refencing them as thugs if they are going to be wearing gold chains during office photoshoot). Meet Karen, our not so Karen, Karen.

Sparkle Jedi / Steri Tech & Front Office Administrator

Kat is our little fairy that with just a blink of an eye, our steri is suddenly clean, blink and our kitchen is organized, blink and our cabinets are organized. She’s our behind-the-scenes secret weapon. But watch out, Kat has 3 means pups who will bite your head off if you even merely approach her. Known to have sudden little steam moments at USPS and burst into tears thereafter, our little fairy is one you want on your side.

Ashely R
Ms. Olympia / Treatment Coordinator

You know that person who wakes up at 4am to work out for 2 hours and has a routine of Monday = leg & butt, Tuesday = cardio, Wednesday = ab & calf… etc, and eats nothing but the right food, portions and food preps, yeah, they do exist. Our discipline, no to junk food, My body is a temple (more like a Goddess), meet Ashley, and yes, this is our second front office Ashley – we tried changing her name, but she won’t budge and will give you her big signature smile with, yes, but I’m Ashley R.

Toothbug Buster/Hygienist

Tammy our AA Executive Platinum elitist. The world traveler who we get to indulge maybe 4 days a month is what it is… a brat (can you tell her bio writer is just a little jelly). Tammy is a full-time traveling Invisalign trainer who graces us with her presence during her limited availability to connect and stay current with people and the dental field, her passion (why is she so perfect?). Mom to a semi-pro-soccer player (currently getting several full ride offers to college as well as playing professionally in Europe) and 2 other professional adult kids, I’m not sure how she does it, she doesn’t even look pass 35. We offer you our very own industry’s best of the best, Tammy.

Penny Patrol Wine Sommelier / Veterans and Insurance Claims Coordinator

An existing patient who fought tooth and nails to join the Summer Smiles family so that her + household dental treatment is taken care of, meet our very own Eileen. Mom to 3 very cavity prone boys, okay, maybe just the youngest is cavity prone, but nevertheless, yours truly Eileen, has the patience of a saint, with daily questions of Why? Why do you hate me? Why must you put me on hold for 2 hours? But I already submitted this claim, why are you telling me it’s not received? Why??? We sometimes wonder how she makes it. In Eileen’s world, there's no wrong way to enjoy a glass of wine, but there is always a smarter way to indulge. (aha, that’s why she’s a wine expert).